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 #SHOCK @CHRISTIANS VS. HALLOWEEN #evil #halloween #october31 #christianity   #REALITY CHECK--> Christianity = of GOD & Halloween = of evil world. Whos side are you on? #truth...  No. 556

 @HALLOWEEN: OK For Christians To Celebrate Participate In HALLOWEEN? #october31   Halloween will come around again, and as we progress further into these end times, things on this night are getting worse and worse. This short article answers the question, is it ok for Christians to participate in Halloween?...  No. 453

 @HALLOWEEN--> #SPIRITUAL #WAR CHRISTIANS VS. CHRISTIANS?   @REALITY--> "...whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." (JAMES 4:4 KJV)...  No. 668

 #HORROR: OK For CHRISTIANS @Watch HORROR SCARY Movies? #HORROR #SCARY #MOVIES #TRUTH   Many have asked, is it a sin to watch horror movies? Is it wrong for Christians to watch horror movies? Is it OK for a Christian to watch a horror movie? This article is for those people who want to know the truth about the subject....  No. 335

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