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What Does The Christmas Tree Symbolize or Represent?

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Many people want to know exactly what the Christmas tree means, represents or symbolizes.
article is to provide joyous understanding about the representations that the traditional Christmas tree decoration can have in connection with a traditional Christian Christmas.
HOWEVER, Many are trying to prove that there is something wrong with a Christmas tree. We therefore have provided the following article that we suggest you read:
The Christian Christmas Tree VS. The Winter False Idol Tree.

For the most part: a Christmas tree is just a Christmas decoration. But it's a decoration that causes joy, and brings us back to the wonder that we had as a child during Christmas time. Christmas trees set a colorful theme for the season. Outdoors, the display of lights on a tree is just beautiful, especially with snow reflecting. It's no wonder that people like to cut one down and bring it into their home to have set up close. The tree joins up with other Christmas related decorations, and the holiday doesn't even seem complete without them.

For Christians, there can be direct connections between Christianity and the Christmas tree. To such an extent that it makes the tree as a Christian decoration symbol that is glorifying God, and the display of it becomes even more joyous...

Speaking about Jesus Christ: "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed." (1 Peter 2:24 KJV).

Jesus Christ, our Lord and our God redeemed Christians and gave them the ultimate gift; the gift of salvation through his death on the cross, which is also repeatedly called a "tree" in the Bible scriptures.

Though the actual cross of Jesus Christ was awful (and what he went through on it was beyond torment), what it means to Christians - what it means to the saved - is the end of sin, and the creation of forgiveness. This is a wonderful, joyous gift from God which Christians want to celebrate on Christmas (as well as on Easter).

We get a tree, and we put colorful, joyous lights on it. We put ornaments and visual delights that we have so enjoyed since as far back as we can remember. And for a final touch, we put presents under the tree, and give them to each other.

Thus, in celebration of the Birth of Jesus (Christmas), we have:
+ a tree (remembrance of what Jesus did on the cross which is called a tree).
+ lights and ornaments (representational of the glory, and wonder of what Jesus did on the cross).
+ a star at the top, representing the star that was above Jesus Christ at his birth time.
+ and we give gifts (God gave us the gift of Jesus on his birth, the wise men gave Jesus birthday presents, and Jesus gave us the gift of salvation on the tree. We continue in the tradition by following in the joy of giving gifts.)

Merry Christmas!

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