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Christians Against Halloween

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This October and every October, Christians need to take some time to pray about the truth. Christians need to consider the difference between God and evil. Christians need to pray about making a stand as to what side they are on. Are they on God's side (as they use the title "Christian"), or are the on the side of the world, and follow after their wicked ways?

Halloween is an abomination in the sight of God. It's a designated time period for people to manifest the evil and wickedness that is in their hearts and brains, in a manner that is socially accepted. During halloween, countless people, ESPECIALLY children will be traumatized, victimized, and deceived with false training into believing that this is normal and acceptable. They will follow the direction and guidance of their leaders (media, parents, teachers, various adults and friends), and those who lead them into wickedness will be held accountable by God Almighty. The Lord Jesus Christ shall put to SHAME any "church" that leads their congregation into halloween activities - read his word in the Holy Bible.

Jesus says: "I AM come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness." (John 12:46 King James Version).
The word "abide" means to continue, remain and stay. Many Christians are long over due in needing to renounce (formally reject) halloween, their participation in it, their family heritage participation, and the evil effects on their life, brain, memories and sub-conscious.

Are You A Christian? This halloween, (and every halloween from now on), would you make a stand for Righteousness, Godliness, Holiness, Purity and Normality?
Would you make a stand for God, for Jesus Christ, for the Holy Ghost?
Would you become a Christian Against Halloween, and even let people know that you do not partake (do not celebrate / participate)?

RESOURCES: *Resources will continue to be added as they are published.

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+ Christian Prayer For Protection Against Halloween
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+ Jesus, Please Deliver People From Halloween
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