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#1427 April 11, 2019


Health Issues, Emotional Issues, Mental or Thinking Issues Spiritual Issues, Family Issues, Other or Personal Issues.

#1424 April 7, 2019

Kyle Robert E

Health Issues, Emotional Issues, Mental or Thinking Issues, Anxiety or Fear Issues, Spiritual Issues, Church Issues, Ministry Issues, Family Issues, Marriage Issues, Friendship Issues, Rage or Anger Issues, Sexual Issues, Financial Issues, Business or Work Issues, Other or Personal Issues.

#1414 March 21, 2019


Emotional Issues, Mental or Thinking Issues Anxiety or Fear Issues, 

#1314 October 14, 2018

One Christian Ministry

This ministry team (onechristianministry.com), is going through severe tribulation on many levels. We have never been through this before, and we need continued prayer support. Please Christian friends, pray for us to be delivered from this.

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