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#1027 March 28, 2017


Health Issues, Emotional Issues, Mental or Thinking Issues, Spiritual Issues, Family Issues, Marriage Issues, Friendship Issues, Addiction Issues, Financial Issues, Business or Work Issues, 

#1023 March 14, 2017

Leftists, Liberals, Godless Atheists

These people need to repent of their sins and turn towards the Holy Lord Jesus Christ before their chance is gone. Jesus Christ will judge, and severely punish all those who are rejecting hiim and his laws. So please not only pray to Jesus to consider saving as many as possible before it is too late ----> !!!!!!!! But also pray that the Holy Lord continue to intervene, stop and PUNISH the evil, godless people who are destroying our world.

#1022 March 14, 2017

Christians, especially in Europe

American Christians often do not realize how blessed they are to be living on this side of the world. In Europe, true Christians are greatly suffering almost unmentionable trials and tribulations, persecution. They need prayer consideration. Pray to the Lord Jesus to consider them.

#1021 March 14, 2017

President TRUMP

President Trump and his wife have made it clear that Christianity has once again reached the White House. But they need prayer consideration.... That they stay true to their new Christianity and be protected and guided. They need help.