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Christian Prayer For Protection Against HALLOWEEN

    Published on Thursday, October 06, 2011 | 4,234 Hits.  Printer Friendly Version  Email This To Someone
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*NOTICE: This prayer is for Christians and Christian households that have already rejected the halloween movement. If you have not rejected and renounced it yet, now is the time. Why reject Halloween? Read a couple of articles here and here.

Dear Jesus Christ,
my Lord and Savior.
Please hear my prayer to you today...

As a Christian,
I  reject and renounce halloween.
I reject the darkness and wickedness,
and all it's associations with evil.

I know and believe your word when you proclaimed "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." (Matthew 28:18).
As your servant and follower,
I pray that you use your Holy power to position Heavenly angels around our home,
and the Holy Ghost within,
to keep us spiritually safe in every way we need it.
We always need this protection,
but during this abomination they call "halloween",
we need it enhanced.
We reject and renounce every evil work, evil behavior, evil content being partaken in.
We are Christians,
we are of the Light of God,
so please Jesus -
protect us from the darkness of the enemy.
Please wipe clean our minds of every evil image,
message and content we are exposed to,
such as the homes of people who turn their house into desolation through decoration.
And please consider the innocent children,
whose minds are being brainwashed,
perverted and traumatized into thinking that this is acceptable.
We join with all the other Christians praying in righteousness against halloween.
We shall not be afraid,
we shall trust in the Lord to keep us strong.
No matter what we have to deal with,
The Lord Jesus Christ will protect us and help us through! 
In Jesus Christ's Powerful name I pray,

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