[One Christian Ministry™ is a #worldwide digital media resource #movement.]

+Our leadership is conservative, strict, non-denominational, non-affiliated, and independent.
+We use and recommend the King James Version (KJV) Holy Bible, which is based on the "Textus Receptus" handed down from the original Christian church, and contains our [statement of faith].
+We accept zero money here ($0.00 since day 1), and pay for this ministry ourselves.
+We have been working since 2007.

[We are working to glorify our Lord #JESUS only, not ourselves or anyone else.]

Its not about money. Its not about being famous. Its not about selling products. Its about our Lord God [JESUS CHRIST] and the saving truth that only He can provide. This is the #TRUTH that we are telling the world.

[We are a #collaboration]

which includes our ministry & prayer team, our powerful backers, various digital platforms, and featuring countless diverse members all around the world who use and distribute our media in digital and print form to reach those in need. We provide the most accurate, truthful and complete {Why we all require Jesus} section found anywhere.

[We equip #Christians]

[We train & empower church leaders, broadcasters, street & internet preachers]

around the world with Biblical truth in a relevant, modern way that can help them to effectively respond to others in these end times. Even famous Christian leaders have been using our content as a resource, to help them write their own sermons and publications to get the #truth effectively preached. This is what we want to happen --> we are a powerful Christian #truth #resource...


Together we can #TEAM UP --> Wherever we #LINK our content, or #PRINT and distribute it, or #EMAIL it to others --> it acts boldly as a proclamation of #TRUTH (what the world needs).


As a collaboration effort of many Christians around the world --> we do not have a specific church for you to attend or contact... Rather, we teach and empower many church leaders and street preachers with the #truth they need to promote. *Therefore, sending us an email through the form below would be the best way to contact our leadership...

#PRIVACY (open▼)

Generally emails we receive remain private and eventually deleted. No affiliates or advertisers, so sharing or selling privacy is not a concern. However --> (1)We use tracking systems related to your computer to find out where you are contacting us from (security) (2)We use systems to test email you provide (proof) (3) We reserve the right to forward and/or publish email online for a reason (disclosure). Your use of this form is your agreement to our terms.

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