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People With MCS Must Create A Safe-Zone Environment At Home

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People who have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) issues need to realize that they must have a place where they can escape the chemicals. They need a place to recover, and detox. Their home must become that place.

The first thing to do is remove, replace and deal with products that have chemicals, perfumes and fragrances. Every MCS person has varying issues and tolerances, it's up to them to decide. Bar soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, dish soap, etc.. Even the foods that have artificial and chemical components. Switching to Organic to avoid pesticides, etc... It will be a long task to find suitable replacement products, but this is essential for a MCS person to create a safe zone home.

Once the product issue has been settled (which may become a continuous issue as companies keep making their products un-usable with "new formulas"), the next step is to realize that when a MCS person comes home, they need to be very cautious as to how to keep their home safe zoned.

A trip to the store, a friends house, even church can put un-countable types of perfumes, fragrances, cleaning agents and other chemicals onto the clothes, hair, shoes, and products purchased. If a MCS person comes home like this, and they go and start sitting around the house.... the chemicals that latched onto them are going to probably latch onto their sofa, chair, and around the house. Groceries, clothes and items are also going to start "off-gassing" the chemicals that are on them into the air, filling the house. This means that their home will become toxic, and the chemicals will continue to affect the MCS people living there. Unfortunately this means a few life changing things...

Obviously many are not going to be willing to do this. However, if an MCS person wants to get better and healthier, they should do this.
- Get hands clean before touching home items.
- Shower as soon as possible upon getting home.
- Have safe-zone indoor clothes to wear around the house.
- Leave off-gassing products, clothing on the porch, or in bags.
- Wash washable products (even stuff like plastic juice containers) and put chips, etc.. into new usable plastic bags or tubs (that aren't off-gassing chemicals).
- Don't use or introduce into the regular routine: purchased items until they are cleaned or off-gassed.

This list could go on and on. Unfortunately this means that friends and family would have to conform to this as well. Sadly, that would mean no people over. However, there are some family or friends that have enough care that would be willing to conform for the sake of someone's health!

The whole point is, if the chemicals are not all around the house - then it's a safe zone for the MCS person(s), and they can rest and detox properly, preparing for the next time they go out into the world.

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