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Shopping Cart Protection Technique For People With MCS

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When someone with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) is trying to check out their groceries at the store, standing in line can be a suffering experience.

Most stores (clothing, grocery, etc) are custom filling their environments with perfumes and chemicals. Many are using their own trademark scents, which is why their chain stores all smell the same everywhere. But regardless of whether someone is in one of those stores or not, they can still get exposed to major chemical fragrances from the people in front of and behind them in the check out line. A person with MCS can help protect themselves by controlling the situation even just a bit... here's how:

1. Always use the large size shopping cart, whether you intend to buy allot or not.
2. When entering the check out line, go into it first, and bring in the cart behind you.
3. Monitor how close you get to the person in front of you, and keep a safe distance.
4. The tricky part has always been people standing in line behind, getting way too close trying to pack into the line. However, if your cart is behind you, between you and them, that is a guaranteed "buffer zone", that will keep them at a distance.

Sadly, if their fragrances are too strong, the buffer zone technique might be insufficient. But any buffer zone can help!

MCS is not just an opinion or preference of disliking specific fragrances. It's a real issue. People with MCS have the right to ask that a cashier put on disposable gloves. 
A person with MCS has the right to complain to a manager if they cannot find a check out person who is not loaded up on fragrance.
If their fragrance gets onto items, a person with MCS has the right to go back to the store, complain to the manager and demand "accommodations", that THE STORE has someone without fragrance on go and replace the items. MCS is a legitimate affliction, and people do have accommodation rights. If they say "I'm not wearing any perfume", then retort / reply that it must be hand soap, hand sanitizer, laundry soap, dryer sheets, lotion, etc.. Something has fragrance in it, and they are wearing it. People with MCS have the right to notify that a complaint will be lodged with the store corporate. People with MCS shouldn't be embarrassed or humiliated just because they have chemical sensitivities. It's not them that's making a problem, it's the products the other people are choosing to use that is poisoning the environment, and even destroying the users own health whether they acknowledge it or not.

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