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What Is An RSS Feed?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS feeds give the newest content from a website (usually a summary and link to the full content) in a simple, quick and easy form. RSS feeds are used by people all over the world, to keep up to date on the websites they like.

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By subscribing to the One Christian Ministry RSS Feed, you can receive information on all of our newest...
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How Do I Subscribe?

There are various ways to subscribe to our RSS feed, all based around using our official RSS Feed url as shown above...

+ Subscibe with Internet Explorer Or Firefox
Both modern browsers have built in feed reader services. They usually show a RSS Subscribe button which you can press to set things up.

+ Various RSS Feed Readers on the internet
Once you have picked a service, they will provide you with instructions on how to load our RSS feed URL.

+ "Syndicate" One Christian Ministry content on your website / blog!
Many CMS (Content Management System) websites, including blog platforms such as Wordpress allow for setting up a block / content that will syndicate RSS Feeds onto your website. This not only gives YOU our updated content, but also shares it with your website visitors!

One Christian Ministry does not necessarily recommend or condone any specific "RSS feed reader", use at your own discretion.
One Christian Ministry gives permission to syndicate our RSS feed content, however we do not give permission to claim ownership over the content provided.
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