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Dear Jesus Christ,
I need Your help!
It is so hard here,
with all of lifes trials and tribulations.
I am constantly having to face and turn from evil.
Please Lord, help me in this!
Please cleanse my mind of all the things I am exposed to.
I am trying so hard to follow You,
but I need supernatural strength.
Please Jesus,
impart Divine help upon my life,
my mind, my soul,
so that I will be strong.
Help me bear the burden of the my personal cross that I have taken up since becoming a Christian.
Please Jesus,
help me not to be tore down by the wickedness,
but to trust in the truth,
I choose to believe and recognize,
no matter what,
You Jesus Christ are the winner,
and that all those who truly give their life to You will become winners through You.
I choose to trust that no matter what,
You will wipe away all our tears one day,
and we will suffer no longer. (Revelation 21:4).
Dear Jesus, Holy God,
please understand me,
and how hard it is for me to face this world.
I promise to try as hard as I can,
and ask you to search my heart,
and take all of my sins to the cross of salvation.
Strengthen me oh Lord!
Strengthen me!

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