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// PRAYER 147: Let The #TRUTH Be Known --> 1 GOD* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Let the truth be known!
every person,
every spirit,
every creature,
everything in all of creation will bow down,
and profess Jesus Christ the Lord God,
King of all existence!
Whether they profess it with praise and thanksgiving,
before entering into Heaven,
or whether they profess it with gnashing of teeth and hatred,
before entering into hell.
It will be professed,
and has been by the faithful saints for thousands of years!
No one will receive unless they accept the truth!
Let the truth be shout out in all of our actions,
in every part of our lives.
Recognize His blessings,
even the things you do not know about.
He is good,
He is Holy,
He is wonderful,
He is God.
Give Jesus your soul,
give Him your body,
give Him your mind,
and surely you will prosper beyond anything you could ever imagined.
This world has nothing to offer.
No amount of money,
no amount of power,
no amount of sex,
no amount of anything is worth more than what Jesus Christ has to offer!
Let us give up all sins.
Let us give up all wickedness.
Let us give it all up and pray:
Jesus Christ,
save me!

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