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How pure is the body of a Christian virgin?
How holy is the un-defiled temple of God?
How righteous is the one who refuses sexual immorality,
keeping themselves free from blemish.
Oh how the Christian man longs to marry a woman who has not been given unto others in sin.
A woman who is pure not only in soul,
but in body as well.
He searches for her in his heart,
pondering whether or not she still exists.
Un-countable lust filled harlots are everywhere,
but still he waits for his princess,
who was made for him alone.
Amidst his search,
she keeps herself,
hidden in her room.
Without experience of what it means to have a man,
she ponders her prince charming.
Will he come for me?
Will he be true to his honor?
Her very soul cries out for sexual righteousness!
Protecting her body in modest apparel,
she will have no eyes set upon her in sin.
Oh what joy it could be to marry a spouse,
who has never been with anyone else!
Amidst this desert wasteland of sin and sexual filth,
the two virgin lovers await their discovery.
Honoring themselves:
if it is not within Holy matrimony,
it will never happen!
Let my body remain true to God's plan for sexual sanctification!

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