PRAYER 153: #CHRISTIAN #PRAYER For Health, Divine Healing, Miracles

Dont give up. Keep #praying.

If you are a Christian who is in need of healing somehow, please know that Jesus Christ is ready and willing to hear your prayer petitions. Consider printing this prayer and reading / praying it outloud daily. Hold onto your Bible, and press it against you in comfort. Start reading from John 14 in the New Testament. We care about you, and we hope that you choose to stay strong having faith in Jesus Christ that he will help you... somehow, someway.... according to his will. It may be comforting to know that Christians all around the world are praying this same prayer.

God the Father,
Jesus Christ the Son,
Holy Ghost the Comforter,
hear my prayer unto You this day!
I am in need oh Lord!
I am in need of healing!
I suffer many physical afflictions,
pain and fear.
I'm tired of this,
and want to be free.
Right now,
I choose to believe that You still perform miracles every day.
You still perform healing every day.
You still answer prayers!
I choose to believe this,
as I ask for Your healing hand to touch me right now.
I'm in need and asking you to help with _______________________.
Please Jesus Christ,
touch me with healing,
that I might be set free from this suffering,
and set free from the pain and fear.
Grant me this divine pardon.
Please let this healing come to pass in my life!
Holy Ghost,
come upon my body while I sleep tonight,
and bring healing restoration to me.
I don’t understand why some people get healed instantly,
yet others seem to take a long time to heal.
But I choose to believe that Your ways are Holy,
even when I don’t understand them.
I am a Christian!
Therefore I choose to be patient,
and have faith that the promises of Christ will come to pass in my life as the truth,
for they ARE THE TRUTH!
Help me to stay strong in my faith,
and to deal with this burden until I am freed from it,
by Your Holy hands.
Please answer my prayers.
I choose to believe that You oh Lord have heard my cries unto You,
and that You love me!
In Jesus name I pray,

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