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Now a days, it’s very hard to keep from getting pulled into a pit of despair. All of us seem to be suffering various problems and afflictions, and life on this earth is most definitely getting harder. Jesus Christ warned us about it when He taught "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be." in Matthew 24:21. That is why choosing not to fall into depression, choosing not to give up, choosing not to let go, choosing to recognize our blessings is so very important!

No matter what we are facing, we should always be able to pray: "Thank you Lord Jesus, that I am doing as well as I am!". God doesn’t like us to compare ourselves and our situations to others. However it could be helpful to realize that there are people out there who have it much worse, and are facing much more than you are. That in itself is a recognition of God’s blessings.

►Do you feel like you don’t have a good enough job? Some people don’t have any job at all.

►Do you feel like you don’t have enough money? Some people have no money.

Are you suffering persecution due to your Christian faith? Are people calling you names, lying about you, or removing you from their company? Did you know that in other places around the world, evil pigs have been hunting Christians, killing them and burning down their houses. Christians were hiding with their families in the woods. We here in America are blessed beyond measure, despite what persecutions we are facing!

Do you feel like everything is falling apart, and that you have nothing to look forward to? That is the case for the unsaved, but if You are a Genuine Biblical Christian, you have Heaven, and the ecstacy of the Holy Ghost, and the presence of Jesus Christ for all eternity to look forward to! DO NOT FORGET THIS!


It may be hard to realize this, but life (life as we know it) here on earth, is just a temporary place where we are required to receive Salvation through Jesus Christ, and find a relationship with Him, and enjoy everyday blessings.

Let the fear, the torment, the chaos, depression, hopelessness, defeated attitude drop. There is enough of that for the unsaved.

Next time you open up your pantry to get out some food, take a good look at it. You might be considered a King of Queen to someone in a foreign land who has no food. You are blessed by God with prosperity!

Next time you go out to Church, recognize that you are doing something illegal in other countries. You are blessed by God with prosperity!

Next time you go for a walk, breathe fresh air, drink water, smile, sit, stand, reach for something, hold something, look at something, hear something, touch, feel, sense........ Prosperity and blessings from God are all around us!

Pray with me: Dear Jesus, THANK YOU for what good has been given to me in this life! Please help me to recognize your blessings and prosperity. Help me to rejoice in these things you have given to me. I choose not to allow myself to fall into depression, and choose to reject and renounce all fear that tries to come my way. For because I became a CHRISTIAN, THE LORD WILL HELP ME! AMEN!

Have a wonderful day today!

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