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I find it very interesting that there are such different levels of the fear of God going around the Christian community. We have those who believe that since they have accepted Jesus Christ, they can now do whatever they want. They believe that the Commandments have become null and void to them, and even fornication (sex outside of marriage) is acceptable, as long as they simply say: "sorry" to God afterwards. This is a lie, because if they were sorry about it, they wouldn’t do it. These people do not fear God at all. I’ve read what God is going to do to fornicators who do not repent and STOP. Then we have those who just go on about their lives, and an hour in church on Sunday is the totality of their "Christian" faith. Other than that, maybe a short prayer ritual before meals and at night, otherwise God is non-existent in their lives, in their hearts. Do they really fear God? Do they even love Him?

Then there are the Christians who I would call saints. When they got saved, they truly got saved. From that day forth, everything was different for them, and the sins they were involved in, dropped off of them. They fear being condemned to hell, so they try very hard (often to the point of extreme mental torment) to keep even sinful THOUGHTS out of their minds, when no one else but God knows about it. Jesus Christ baptized them in the Holy Ghost, and truly opened their eyes to what’s really going on in this world. Because of it, they are hated by the world, and everyone else who has not had their eyes opened.

They have suffered many many afflictions, trials and brutal tribulations that would have made others give up. Yet, they are still following after Jesus. Often even their own family members have mocked and harassed them because of their extreme faith in God.

These saints fear condemnation. They praise the Lord for saving them, yet still, amidst all that they do to try and be good Christians, turning to Jesus Christ constantly over and over again, even having signs, wonders and miracles from Jesus, confirming their salvation and acceptance from God, they still fear being condemned. Praying over and over again to be saved from the pits of hell. You may think it’s lack of faith, but in reality, their faith is so strong, and has made them so close to God, that they can truly understand why they need to fear God, and His condemnation.

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