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Jesus truly spoke like no other. His words were so powerful, so honest, so pure. As God has many levels of understanding, so do the words of Jesus Christ. As someone walks with God in their Christian faith path, God will give revelation about his word. As someone matures in their Christianity, a scripture that they thought they understood, will suddenly mean so much more to them. The wisdom of a new complex understanding will be granted to them, while the original understanding remains in tact.

Things that Jesus Christ spoke were not only blatant in their meaning, but most of them had parables within them as well.

As humans in the flesh, we will never fully comprehend all that there is of God. If we think that we will, we are ignorant to the fact that our brains could not possibly comprehend the totality of God. In fact, when our spirit communes with God through the Holy Ghost, there is a transfer of information, a conversation between our souls and God that our bodies cannot truly comprehend, through we know what is going on. In relation to the fact that God has no ending level, no final understanding for humans, similar is His Holy word.

Keep reading the Holy Bible, and ask the Lord to reveal truth to you. One day, you might find yourself being able to comprehend more than you ever could before!

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october 31. [halloween]

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