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// PRAYER 194: A Christian Prayer For Faith* 6K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus Christ,
I call to you this day,
asking you for help!
Please grant me supernatural increase in faith in you.
I have already professed you as Lord,
I believe in you,
but I need your help to be stronger in faith,
because this world is constantly trying to destroy your word and truth.
Please touch me with your Holy Ghost,
that I will receive an anointing of Godly power against the enemy!
Deliver me from those who are working for satan,
and try to mess with my life!
They are my enemies,
and yours Lord,
so deliver me please.
I renounce fear,
and choose to proclaim with all my soul that I am a CHRISTIAN!
I will tread on,
and remember that God is my helper,
I shall not be afraid!
Please give me faith to give up my life into your hands,
so that no matter what,
you are in control Jesus.

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