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// HOW: DESTROYING the #CHAIN LETTER CURSE From Your Life #emails #chain #letters #break* 48K+ ↓↓   ↓

Liberate with #truth...

We are about to tell you how to destroy the curse of the "chain letter" from your life forever. Be prepared to deal with this issue properly, as even #liars who call themselves "Christian" are sending out these types of threatening messages...

Please open your [mind], [heart] and {soul} to the following statements of fact...

Good things will happen, and bad things will happen, and in between.

It is impossible that forwarding an email has any effect on someone past, present or future.

The real problem here is whether or not someone is allowing others (through fear or threats) to manipulate their behavior or their mind.

Reality (no superstition):
For some, following a chain letter's directions, then they look for something good to happen, if it does, they think it's because they did what the chain letter told them to do.

But the TRUTH is, that good thing would have happened even if they didn’t follow the chain letter.

Maybe they chose not to follow the chain letter, and then something bad happens. They think it's because they didn’t follow the chain letter.

But the TRUTH is, the bad thing that happened was not caused by not following a chain letter's directions.

Chain letters are created by liars, pathetic loosers, who get great enjoyment out of the power they obtain over others who cannot overcome the fear and anxiety of threats. People should rise above this!

When we read a chain letter that says something bad will happen to us if we don’t take part,
and therefore we take part because we are afraid of something bad happening,
we have just shown GOD and others (especially those close to us) that we have:
1. Lack of Faith
2. Lack of Trust
3. Lack of Understanding between #TRUTH and #LIES
4. Been controlled by fear instead of God
5. Belief in the power of a curse of an email... an email. Think about it... AN EMAIL?!?!?!? An email that was written by some punk looser kid down the street, and sent out to three people, and then it became a huge chain letter sent to thousands because so many people don’t have the ability to discern that it's a lie? They don't have the ability to overcome lies with truth?

What is the goal here? The devil and his workers = ALL #LIARS work like this. This is how they get their power = fear. They want to make a mockery of people by threatening them and overcoming them with fear, then turning them into a puppet. They want to be your puppet master. This needs to stop now.

Here’s what Jesus Christ, the Holy Lord of Heaven and Earth says about the enemy: "When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44). A very wise man once said: "Do Not Believe The Enemy."

How could a chain letter cause so much trouble? How could fear overcome someone? We are called to tell you the #TRUTH now. This is a real, live, spiritual war. And in war, you need the weapons to overcome. Jesus Christ is the only one who gives the authority power needed to overcome the spiritual enemy-- > to Christians who call upon him.

Christians, here's what to do when you receive one of these chain letters:
1. Renounce it (reject it) - in the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ; Son of God.
2. Rebuke it (command it to leave) - in the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ; Son of God.
3. Proclaim (out loud so the spiritual realm can hear it) that you are not going to listen or believe in the threat of curses from the enemy and his liars. Instead, you are going to believe the #truth: that Jesus Christ is the only Power and Authority in your life.
4. Stop opening or taking part in email chain letters. Delete them. Stop reading it immediately if you open one --> It's only an email.
5. Do steps 1 - 4 above about any past chain letters or superstition lies you have taken part in.

#PRAY to the Lord Jesus, begging him to bring Luke 10:19 active in your life: "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." - Luke 10:19.

May this truth and reality be with you, and may your Christian hearts be at peace in this matter. Your mind however will need to be controlled longer. Resist lies / fears by proclaiming truth: Trust Jesus Christ alone! Amen.

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