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My family decided to head up north and go to a wonderful little lighthouse beach. There is a section of the pier, boats coming through, where you can sit on either side of the water. We sat on a nice little bench, trying to enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, satan was there too, who decided to ruin it by stirring up some of his delinquents.

Three people on the north side of the pier began to go on and on with each other, laughing and yelling out f*** this and f*** that, ruining our attempts to enjoy the beach. My mother asked them to "please stop swearing"; one replied "f*** no!" and they went on. She called out "we’re trying to enjoy a nice time on the beach", and she reminded them of children nearby (there were many other people around as well.) That did it, the evil inside of them hated the Holiness inside of her, and they just let loose.

We started to walk away (as they rambled pure wickedness out of their evil mouths); suddenly, I went into preacher mode. In front of everyone around, at the railing of the pier, I called out:

"Hey guys!, Hey guys!"

They got silent and came to attention (along with everyone else) as the truth of God poured through my mouth with a powerful intensity. I boldly proclaimed:

"You better get ready! Because you’re gonna burn in a fiery hell if you don’t change your lifestyles!"

But, as if they weren’t evil enough, things got worse. Just like swine, they trampled the truth I warned them with, and rendered back to attack me (whosoever reads the Bible, remember Jesus’ words about that); they were laughing, blaspheming, swearing again and again, saying they weren’t afraid, they "liked hell", and were atheists anyway. Over top of their voices, I screamed out:


Even though they continued, we walked away, leaving them behind. People around just stared with amazement in silence and awe. Later, my mother told me about the father of two little girls, who had a look in his eyes that seemed to indicate he wished he could be that bold. We knew that there were people backing us with the truth in their hearts, but it was not enough to silence the wicked.

We held hands, praying that whosoever could receive the message preached, would. Saints, Christians, would I have been so bold if there wasn’t a body of water between us and the three? I don’t know. People have become so purely evil that they are dangerous. It has become dangerous for Christians in this wicked, Godless world. My mother and I have now decided that we want to take some sort of self-defense classes.

I don’t know what the fate of those three will be, and frankly, I don’t care. Honestly, I apparently cared enough to preach the Gospel to them, but they rejected it with pure wickedness. Do you read the Holy Bible? Do you remember when Jesus Christ told the original Church that if they didn’t become as little children, they couldn’t even enter into the Kingdom of God? Well, Jesus was calling true Christians God’s little children. Not begotten children like Jesus Christ, but rather, adopted children, through Jesus Christ. Jesus goes on to say that "whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea." Mark 9:42.

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