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The single most important book in the history of life. Yet it's more than a book. It's an awesome written compilation of more than the human mind is capable of comprehending.

Everything that is written in the Holy Bible has either come to pass as truth, or will come to pass as truth in the future. The prophecies foretold thousands of years ago are unfolding in our very generation - the last generation.

The Holy Bible is the only book you can bet your life on!

The Holy Bible and the TRUE God it represents has shaped, changed and molded peoples lives in awesome, wondrous ways. Changing people from being evil Godless sinners, into Holy awesome men and women chosen by God to receive inheritance in Heaven.

God has no ending level, and we will never understand all that God is. Likewise, in the same way are the scriptures of the Holy Bible. Every step in someones spiritual walk can bring a new level of understanding of the Holy scriptures, in according to the Lord Jesus Christ's plan for them. One day the Lord may reveal a brand new understanding of a scripture they thought they understood. The new level of understanding will amaze them! Yet years later, suddenly an even more amazing understanding will be revealed to them, while the original understanding remains in tact. That’s powerful!

This is the only book that no one will ever reach an ultimate understanding of, as it is more than a book, it contains the Word of God.

The Holy Bible is the only true depiction of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Any depiction of Jesus that is in contradiction to the Holy Bible is NOT Jesus Christ, but is a false-Christ, and an anti-Christ. Our lord and savior Jesus Christ, in whom alone.. salvation, the Holy Spirit and connection to God can be found, warned us 2,000 years ago that false Christ doctrines and blasphemous heresies would arise in the end times to deceive and destroy. Just like Jesus taught us; his sheep hear his voice, and will not follow the voice of another. That is why his true sheep are not shaken by blasphemous lies, because Christ’s sheep know His voice, and know the difference between the true voice of Jesus Christ, and the voice of a thief and a liar trying to speak as if he were Christ. The Holy Bible tells us the truth about what Jesus Christ really said and did, and the Holy Ghost confirms it.

Nothing is more important than what Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God did for you. He was arrested, humiliated, bruised, beaten, tortured and killed to death for your sins. He payed for your sins. He did this because he wanted you to be able to get into Heaven and spend eternity with him in ecstasy. But the rest is up to you. You make the choice. If you have chosen Jesus Christ, and He has reformed your life into true Biblical Christianity, praise God! If not, your time is running out, and once it’s gone, it’s too late. Nothing is more important than receiving Salvation through Jesus Christ, if you haven’t already, receive Jesus now.

Read the Bible.
Believe The Bible.
Obey the Laws of God.

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