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// PRAYER 209: #HEAL My #MIND Of porno Sexual Sin Memories #prayer* 13K+ ↓↓   ↓

(This prayer will only work if you have repented to Jesus Christ, and quit seeking / using pornography!)
Lord Jesus Christ,
thank you so much for saving me!
Thank you for delivering me from sexual filth,
and opening my eyes to see it for what it truly is; sin.
though I have changed my lifestyles,
and have removed pornography from me,
I still suffer so much.
My mind has so many memories of sexual sin.
out right abominations of hell and damnation are what the world feeds people through pornography,
and I hate it now.
Please forgive me for my willful participation,
and joining in with them in wickedness.
Please cleanse my mind of the memories.
Please cleanse my mind of what I have seen,
heard and thought.
Please forgive me of my sins,
and heal the traumas of sexual filth.
When it comes back,
please help me to retrain my brain and body not to respond to the thoughts the way it used to.
I know the truth now,
and hate pornography.
Please protect me from it,
please break my former addiction to it,
and give me the strength to resist it forever.
Please remind me that hell awaits those who do not resist it.
Please let the memories be washed away with your Holy power.
Holy Ghost,
cleanse my mind and body of the sexual sins of my past.
Deliver me,
and re-train my brain so I may be free of the haunting memories.
Destroy temption.
Destroy guilt.

I am a Christian.
My sins have been paid for by Jesus Christ!
I am free,
and will never return to the way things were!

In Jesus Christ name I pray,

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