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// PRAYER 214: Preachers Prayer For Discernment* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear God!
Dear Jesus Christ my Lord!
They are all out of control!
They turn away from your truth,
and follow whatever wickedness the world throws at them.
I try so hard to tell them the truth about you,
and thank God some of them receive it.
But the rest of them,
the majority of them reject it,
and hate me for it.
Oh Lord,
It’s too much burden.
It’s too heavy for me,
I cannot bear this.
Sickness, disease, pain, suffering, wickedness, temptation, trials, tribulation, sin, evil...
Please lighten this burden,
and remove all of this fear.
Please open the eyes of those who call themselves yours,
so that they might think twice about what they are doing,
listening to,
participating in,
and where their life and SOUL is headed!
Grant me strength,
Grant all of your saints strength!
Thank you.

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