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// PRAYER 218: Cleanse Me Of Every Sinful Thought #prayer #christian* 13K+ ↓↓   ↓

My Lord Jesus,
please help me with my thinking.
Help me be free from the evil thoughts that try to come and disrupt my mind.
You saved my soul,
and I have been trying so hard to take all my thoughts captive to you,
but it’s just not working good enough.
Lord Jesus,
for years I falsely trained my brain to think certain ways about people, things, situations...
It has been so hard for me to change my ways of thinking,
so I come to you today asking for supernatural help.
Please cleanse my mind of every evil thought that tries to bother me.
Please cleanse me of every sinful thought,
and help me to have more control over the way my mind wants to process things.
I need your help Jesus!
Search my heart,
and see how much I long to be a good Christian in your Holy eyes.
Please help me to achieve this goal,
so that I may be found worthy.
Please understand me.
I love you!

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