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// PRAYER 219: Help Me Remember That You Are Holy!* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus Christ,
help me remember that you are Holy!
Help me remember that you are in control of my life!
Help me to remember that my TRUE life is yet to come,
in the Heavenly Kingdom.
Please help me withstand all of the trials,
tribulations and temptations of these end times.
Help me to stay true to your Holy Bible word,
and renounce anything contrary to it.
Help me not to be afraid,
of the people, things, places, situations,
circumstances that are changing every single day.
Please protect me from the chemicals, toxins, perfumes,
laundry products that are so toxic,
they are like enemies that try to tear me down in war.
Help me to remember that you told us this tribulation would come,
but to trust in you,
to focus on YOU instead of the war,
and have faith!
I choose to have faith in you Jesus Christ,
for I am a Christian,
and will not fall except into your arms!
You are Holy,
you are awesome,
you are powerful,
you are GOD!

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october 31. [halloween]

hate holiday; horror festival; // [USA: be better than this]

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