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// PRAYER 222: Destroy Temptation Of Coveting Other People* 5K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus Christ my Lord and God,
I know that your Commandments say that I should not envy,
or covet other peoples lives,
or what they have.
Please forgive me,
for even when I try not to fall into these things,
my mind still wanders there.
Please forgive me for every time I do not get control of my thoughts quick enough.
Dear Jesus,
the fact is,
I want to have nice things.
I want to have nice people in my life,
and sometimes it really bothers me when others have these things,
and I don’t.
Sometimes I can't stand it when other people,
even evil people seem to keep prospering and winning,
and I feel like I keep struggling and loosing.
Please forgive me,
and help me to stop having this unrighteous emotional reaction,
and choose to recognize the blessings I have.
Right now,
I choose to recognize all the things that I have,
all of my blessings.
Just being able to come to you today in prayer, is a miracle!
I love you Jesus,
strengthen me against temptation of coveting other people.
Thank you, Amen.

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