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// @CROSS: What Does That Cross Around The Neck Mean? Represent? #black #white #red* 34K+ ↓↓   ↓

Whether the cross necklace around someone's neck is #red, #black, #white, #grey or any other color, it represents only 1 of 2 things...

1. Christianity
2. Blasphemy

#TRUTH: The cross worn around the neck, has been an iconic representation (for over 2,000 years) of the act Jesus Christ did (dying on the cross, paying the price for sin) for those who would accept it (Christians).
A cross around someone’s neck is suppose to be a witness, that they know the truth of God, and have had an experience with it.

#TRUTH: Anyone who is wearing a cross around their neck, printed on their clothing, or in any matter, who also has no respect for the Holy Lord Jesus Christ.... ...that person is a blasphemer, and they will face harsh judgement and punishment when their day comes to face the Holy Lord.

True Christians know the cross of Jesus Christ. They know Jesus Christ hanging there, with their SINS upon himself, paying with death for them. When a true Christian went to that cross and gave their sins to Jesus Christ, they became FOREVER CHANGED. Their life, ways, wants, goals, choices, movies, music, speech, friends, family, appearance, hairdo, clothing, whole LIFE became altered for good.

Guy walking down the street sees a girl wearing a cross around her neck. He says: "I hope that cross around your neck means something". She says "it does, it's a cool logo". He retorts "the cross of Jesus Christ represents Christianity. Jesus Christ could save your soul if you turn to him!" Does she reply with repentance? Or does she reply with blasphemy? That is the spiritual war going on now.

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