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// PRAYER 239: Will The Rapture Happen Soon?* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Holy Jesus,
my Lord and my God.
Will the rapture happen soon?
Will that sacred time come in my lifetime?
So many have come and gone,
for thousands of years waiting for that wonderful moment when they would suddenly be called into your Holy arms!
Oh how I long for that to happen in my lifetime,
if you say it be so.
Please help me to be patient,
and realize that you are waiting for others to still be saved.
Please help me to realize that you are not failing to fulfill your promise,
but rather,
you are letting those last few souls into the door.
Please help me to be grateful that I have become saved,
before it was too late.
if that wonderful day comes in my lifetime,
please find me worthy.
Please clean me life,
and make me prepared,
so that at any moment in time,
I can be called by you with the other saints!

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