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Think about the very first ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, John, Matthew, Peter, Mark, Paul, Mary Magdalene and many others. They did not go to a theological seminary. They did not spend years in college studying comparative religion. They did not receive accredited degrees. They did not go before a group of "elders", who studied them, and choose whether or not to "ordain" them into their religious order. In fact, many of the first ministers of Jesus Christ could not even read or write.

GOD HIMSELF choose who to ordain! To know God was what these people wanted in their lives. To be delivered from binding sin and wickedness, brought into the very presence and power of the living God. Because of this, they followed Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. He then cleaned them, reproved them, taught them and trained them into true ministers of the Gospel of God.

Move it ahead some 2,000 years... Many who are chosen and ordained by God to be ministers are rejected, because they do not have the proper "credentials". On the contrary, many who are NOT chosen OR ordained by God, but ARE chosen and ARE "ordained" by MAN, are accepted, and the people are "heaping" themselves before them with "itching ears". Read 2 Timothy 4:3.

Be Warned! We are in the End Times. There are anti-Christ men and women who are receiving various degrees from accredited colleges, and studying and graduating from various theological seminaries, receiving "ordination" from MAN into various orders such as the Catholic church, the Episcopal church, various denominational churches, and even non-denominational churches. They are not sent there from God, they are sent there from satan. They are sent there for one purpose; to lead people astray from the truth.

Therefore, be very careful who you choose to follow, and what you choose to listen to and accept. So what if they hold a degree and graduated from a seminary school! So what if they are "ordained" by the elders of a religious order! So what if they wear priest garments! Jesus Christ taught us, in Matthew 7:16-20, how you can tell what type of person someone is, based upon what they do, how they act, what they manifest, etc. Verse 20 says: "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." What are the fruits they are manifesting? Are they Biblical? Do they preach and accept Jesus Christ ONLY? Are they living according to God’s word? Are they trying to reprove the congregation to live Biblical? Do they candy coat or change the truth to make people feel comfortable, not convicted?

Are the ministers you follow God ordained, or Man ordained? Please pray for the ministers who are God ordained, and rejected by men.

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