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// HOW: DEMONS Allowed Access Entry Through PORN @pornography* 47K+ ↓↓   ↓

...It's serious. It's the same thing as someone handing entry keys over to satan. WHY? HOW?

*Condemned as sin: Pornography consists of > LUST*, COVETING*, FORNICATION* (sex without Biblical marriage), ADULTERY*, RAPE* (yes often real rape), ABOMINATIONS*, MULTI PARTNER FILTH* / SAME MATCH FILTH*, PROSTITUTION*, SELLING BODY / SOUL *, BETRAYAL* / REVENGE* and ABUSE* --> all of which GOD says are worthy of DAMNATION / BURNING IN HELL.

Let's get real, all of the above evil means porn use is satanism.

Demons of hell congregate around the sources of porn (video stores, strip clubs, websites, etc). HERE IS SECRET KNOWLEDGE > the rules of the SPIRITUAL REALM (REAL) is: anyone who willfully seeks or accepts pornography is giving full authority to satan to enter in. Into themselves, into their homes, into their lives. Parents.... thus into their childrens lives.

Demons then bind souls, bodies, and minds, claiming who-so-ever for their own. Then physical health problems start to set in...

1. Sexual shut down of the physical body (not able to acheive satisfaction)
2. Addiction (cant stop wanting porn)
3. Perversion (needing stranger, filthier crap)
4. Mind Altering (sexual perversion affecting regular daily thoughts)
5. Depending on physical abuse, strange unintended side effects of chronic masterbation..

Science is now aligning with Christian Doctrine against PORN. Studies finding that pornography is having serious negative mental, emotional and physical effects on users and their familes.

Holy Bible end times prophecy about porn addiction fulfilled, saying users are "Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin" (2 Peter 2:14 KJV BIBLE).

Does this scare you? Are YOU willfully taking part in pornography? Many EX porn users can testify that only Jesus Christ has the power to free and forgive this >

It's time to STOP and REPENT before it's too late!

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