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When God created men and women, he gave them various types of responses to sexuality. What dominates men sexually is how they respond to what they see and hear. We must understand that God made Adam and Eve. God intended for people to remain virgins, and not know the explicit details of sexuality until they could experience them within the realms of Holy Matrimony, under GOD.

When a man sees and hears how his wife responds to their sexual functions, it was ordained by God to "singe", or burn memory pathways into the man’s mind. These sights and sounds of his wife become a permanent part of his brain and memory. These sights and sounds attach themselves to the sexual stimulation of his brain and body (and even his very soul), thus seriously saturating his existence. This was apparently given as an aid to keep marriages together.

When a man looks at or watches pornography, this "singe" image-memory part of his brain becomes abused and seriously violated. Parts of his brain that were meant by God to receive and obtain only private information about his wife, instead becomes saturated with abominable filth. A man who looks at pornography exposes his brain, his body and his very soul to uncountable sins: fornication, adultery and rape between hundreds of men and women, in various mix and match wickedness.

The result? The enemy exploites this God-given sexual-singe-memory system; the man’s brain will be singed by wickedness, abuse, sin, and lust. Even if he is lucky enough to get saved from his porn, he will still be haunted by these blatant memories (sights, sounds, images) as if he himself had been directly involved (which he was in mind, heart, body and soul). It will haunt him day and night for the rest of his life, as he will then be an X - sex addict, who will have to fight temptation from then on. It will disrupt his thinking, it will affect his relationships, and have a painfully tormenting, negative effect on every aspect of his life....

Are you willfully looking at pornography in your life? If yes, you are in grave danger! God says in His Holy Bible that people who do not STOP, REPENT and QUIT will be damned to Hell for all eternity! This is serious business, and only Jesus Christ has the POWER to save anyone from the porn traps! It’s time to get saved by Jesus Christ!

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