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// PRAYER 258: Jesus Is The Savior* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus Christ is the Savior!
He is the reason many are able to continue on.
He is the reason many have not fallen into the utter pit of chaos.
He is the reason many can laugh and be happy in the middle of this tribulation.
He is the reason many are secure about their eternal future.
He is the reason many know the truth, and can tell others the truth.
Jesus Christ is the reason many are saved!
Jesus Christ is the only reason there is still good on the face of the Earth!
I love Jesus with all of my heart and soul,
and will tread on through this struggle in His Holy name!
I hope you love Jesus Christ also!

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october 31. [halloween]

hate holiday; horror festival; // [USA: be better than this]

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