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// PRAYER 276: Help Me To Be A #GODLY #HUSBAND @christian* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus Christ,
my Holy Lord and Savior.
I come to you, asking for your help!
I love my wife more than words can say,
and I want to be a better husband.
I want to be the kind of husband you want me to be.
I want to be kind, loving, helpful, protective, supportive, compassionate, and most of all,
I want to be the kind of husband that a woman can be proud of!
Please strengthen me,
so that I will be able to accomplish these tasks.
I know it will take hard work,
but this is what I want for the woman I love!
Strengthen me Oh Lord,
so that I will be slow to frustration and anger,
and rarely ever loose my temper.
Help me to leave the room, and take a time out when I feel like I'm going to freak out.
Help me to hold my tongue,
when I am angry and want to argue.
And most of all,
empower me to never,
NEVER abuse my woman!
Thank you for her!
Thank you for the gift of Holy Marriage.
Help me to be a Godly, Christian husband.
Please bless my family.
Thank you for all you do, Amen!

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