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Let me speak of the power of God,
let me speak of His son Jesus Christ,
who has all authority on Heaven and Earth.
How powerful are his abilities?
Beyond anything any man or woman can imagine!
Beyond the power of the rising son,
which shines upon the whole face of the earth.
His power can smite and destroy with a curse,
or bless and make new into righteousness.
He can hold back and torment the evil,
yet raise up and prosper his righteous.
His power is more perfect and pure than any force that man has created.
He can overcome and change everything - past, present or future.
His presence is more Holy and perfect than the greatest ecstasy,
and given only to His Christians.
The Lord God is Holy and forgiving.
He can change anyone.
He will cleanse the hearts of the wicked.
Yet He is righteous,
and will smite and destroy all who refuse to repent.
Nothing is powerful when standing in the presence of GOD!
Evil will destroy it'self before the pure power of God.

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