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// PRAYER 306: Fighting Depression With The Joy Of Jesus* 6K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
depression keeps trying to overtake me.
It keeps coming back,
reminding me of all the things that are going wrong in my life,
and everything that I am afraid of.
It lies to me day and night and wants me to fall into the pit.
I choose to remind myself that I am a Christian,
and Christians have something that no one else has, to keep them from being overtaken by depression - the Joy of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Jesus died for me on the cross.
Jesus paid the price for my sins on that cross,
and now I get to go to Heaven some day!
No matter how bad it gets on this earth, in this life....
My home and seat in Heaven is granted to me,
and cannot be destroyed or corrupted by anything!
Praise God!
I choose to hold and cling to this joy,
as I RENOUNCE the spirit of depression,
and command it to be bound and rebuked in the Name, Power and Authority of my Lord and Savior GOD JESUS CHRIST!

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