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// PRAYER 326: Reminding Myself About Trust* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus, please help me today and everyday with this issue.
I trust you, and I believe in your truth.
I know you and everything you said and did is the perfect truth.
But day by day my mind seems to challenge the truth, and question it.
I live in this world among blasphemers, liars and questioning which constantly attacks my faith.
I need you to strengthen me against this.
I choose to remind myself that I must trust you like a child would trust his father.
When your words say that something is the way it is, that's it no matter what!
When you say you are going to do something, you do it, for God does not lie.
I remind myself that you are perfect, holy, and know what I am going through.
Please search my heart and soul, and there you will see how I truly feel about you.
Please do not condemn me for stupid, and at time blasphemous thoughts that try to come into my head against you,
for anything contradicting you is not how I truly believe.
Cleanse me of all sin,
oh Lord Jesus Christ save me always.
Thank you for all you have done, AMEN.

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