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I have looked around on many different Christian (or Christian sections of) dating websites, and have found that alot of them are loaded with what appear to be fake profiles thrown in here and there, which have very lusty (some would consider pornographic) photos of women that claim to be Christians. Many of these sites are loaded with advertisements of a sexually provocative nature, including women clad in bikinis, attempting to lure Christian singles into pornography. One so-called Christian dating website contained a banner and link to a porn website at the footer of it. Another dating website called "BigChurch.com", is apparently owned by penthouse magazine, and is just full of porn-looking stylized women. Many of these websites have a "Christian" section, while the rest of the dating website is full of filth. Likewise, other evil groups are getting on board. Apparently Christian dating online is a new big business, even for pornographers.

Due to the Christian sex ed / embrace your God given sexuality movement(s) working within the Christian community, many groups and churches are becoming less and less understanding and able to discern the difference between what is sin and what isn't - sexually. Christians holding hands with sexual sin is becoming more and more accepted, especially among married couples, or un-married people who want to get married, thinking that they are researching in order to obtain "God’s sexual plan for fulfillment" in their lives.

One Christian Ministry would like to warn you all to be extremely cautious about searching and visiting "Christian Dating Online" websites. There appear to be very few (mainly Christiancafe.com) in which the environment appears to be generally safe and Christian. Most other websites of this nature seem to be "hooking" websites, attempting to deceive Christians with sinful / lusty images, content and lust, to lure them into sexual sin - pornography, so WATCH OUT!

Above and beyond, even on genuine Christian dating websites, there are many women who are calling themselves Christian, yet are exposing their bodies in lusty images and statements, which is a serious blurt about where they are at spiritually, regardless of their proclamation that they are Christian. Sexually provacative images / messages from these women could, and has become a problem for Christian men, who are simply trying to find a wife.

Grace To You, a worldwide Christian ministry has been trying to warn people about something even worse: "Christian Pornography" which may start hitting the Christian community, if it hasn't already. If you haven't noticed, these are the end times. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

May God bless all Christian women who are holding on to their virginity safely, awaiting and trusting Jesus Christ to bring the right man into their life. Please realize that your information (personal and non-personal), and your beautiful picture may not belong on the internet - Christian dating website or not.

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