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Faithfulness (being full of belief and trust in God) will lead us into a place of peace, despite our circumstances. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, was a perfect example to us. He said: "I and my father are one." He understood perfect peace, even when facing accusers, angry mobs, death and disease, violent, stormy seas, utter abandonment, complete helplessness, torture and pain, even the devil itself. Jesus knew Almighty God. He knew God's will, which became His own. He lived in complete oneness, in complete trust. Can we trust like that?

What does he call us to do?

Do not allow the wickedness to deter, distract and affect you. Pray: "thy will be done".

God's will, not mine. God's will becomes mine because I choose it. "Thy will, O Lord! ...on earth (here) as it is in heaven". Choose heaven as your focus and not the evil. Choose divine will and truth: "thy will be done"... in me, O Lord!

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