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// PRAYER 348: Confusion Over The Bible* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear God,
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Holy Ghost of Heaven,
hear my prayer!
There is so much confusion over the Bible.
There are scriptures I don't understand.
There are scriptures that bother me.
There are fears of translation issues, and concerns about knowledge.
So these things I take to you my Lord.
I place them into your Holy, capable hands and ask that you take them from me.
I choose to realize the truth, that you are all powerful and Holy.
You have always spoken the truth, and your word bears record of it.
As for these fears about the Bible, I don't need to be afraid.
I know the truth of you, regardless of the confusion about scripture.
You are God.
You are the Son, yet you are one with God.
You were the only one who was perfect, sinless and Holy.
You came from God, to allow me to go to God.
You took my sins upon yourself when I REPENTED and became a Christian.
You paid with your own death on the cross for my sins.
You freed me, and I became born again by your spirit.
I now have inheritance in Heaven, and will be there with you when the time comes.
I trust in this, and will NOT be shaken in my faith in the truth.
For your Holy Spirit confirms you, and I know this is the truth.
So please take my fears, and clean me of all sin.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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