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// PRAYER 355: Praise God, Praise Jesus* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Thank you Jesus for all that you have done!
Let the glorious name of God be praised upon the whole face of the earth!
Who else has performed such miracles, and wondrous gifts for us?
Jesus takes care of his own, and blesses them with the fruits of righteousness.
I praise God with all of my heart, for he has opened my eyes to the truth.
I worship Jesus Christ alone, for there is none other in reality that could save and restore.
My God is perfect, Holy and righteous beyond the measure or understanding of anyone or anything.
He is beyond the most powerful, beyond the most capable.
I love my Lord from the very depths of my soul. Jesus Christ has saved me, and healed me time and time again!
He has done the same for my family!
He has proven beyond any doubt a Holy and righteous God!
Let the whole world praise the one who made them, and let him save you before it's too late!

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