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// PRAYER 358: Deliver Me From Our Enemies* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
it is very difficult for me to understand a healthy, Godly balance between your forgiveness of evil, and your wrath against it.
Your word has so many scriptures on how you will forgive those who repent, and smite with total destruction those who do not.
I come to you right now, asking you Lord Jesus Christ - God of Heaven and Earth, for you to consider me.
My enemies, which are your enemies - are in all out war against me.
They are in all out war against your saints, and many of these enemies have deceptively taken on your Holy name to appear as if good.
Protect us LORD!
Please deliver us from the war.
Please deliver us from the torment!

In the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ - as a Christian I pray and ask for the Holy Ghost to bind every enemy of Christ and rebuke them away from me right now! Holy Ghost, break and destroy every evil plot that they have devised against me, for your word guarantees (for truly saved Christians) your Holy protection, which is more powerful than anything the enemy can manifest.

I choose to trust in you Jesus Christ,
for you have already won this war,
and the record books are written and sealed permanently.
Therefore, I will tread on!
I will not loose hope in Jesus!
I will not allow myself to slip into depression!
I will renounce every spirit of fear,
and the lies they throw at me!
I will pray that they be rebuked!
I worship you Jesus,
protect me please!

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