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// PRAYER 369: All You Have Done Jesus* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Thank you Jesus Christ for all you have done!
Thank you for your mighty wonderful works -
The works you did (documented in your word),
and what you do now!
I believe that you have blessed me in so many wonderful ways.
I cannot ever begin to thank you enough.
Known and unknown are your wonderful gifts,
favors and blessings.
Praise be the Lord God,
who protects,
heals and delivers!
Please God,
consider those who need you.
Please consider your Christians who are being attacked and tormented daily by the wicked of the world.
Please consider those who are in tribulation.
Please consider the afflicted,
and continue to perform miracles daily worldwide.
Thank you for your miracles,
thank you for being Holy!

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