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// PRAYER 371: Let Your Word (GOD) Be Understood* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
I love your Holy Bible.
I know that your words are there.
I know what you have spoken is the truth.
Please grant me the gift of understanding,
so that I will truly know what you said,
and what you meant.
Let your words be more than simply documented,
let them be defined to the very depths of multi-level understandings that only a true saint would discover.
Let me find the keys, the bridges, the wisdom of the ages!
Your words are more powerful than a sword.
They have destroyed the works of the enemy,
and softened even the hardest heart.
Your words have defined the laws, the moral standards, the meaning of life itself!
Your words have built and cast down the nations and the people.
Your words have saved and condemned.
Your words have healed and purified.
Your word is the perfect record of truth.
Your word Jesus, is perfect.
Thank you Jesus,
help me to understand your truth.

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