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// PRAYER 385: The Wicked - Making Us Suffer* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear God,
I speak on behalf of all Christians who are suffering because of the evil onslaught of wickedness!
They harass, they victimize, they taunt, they lie, they attack us daily and nightly!
Many of them even place your Holy sacred name on their darkness.
When will you take your mighty hand and wrath against the evil,
as in the day of the deliverance from Egypt?
When will you take your mighty hand and destroy,
as in the days of Noah?
When will you smite the wicked,
and cast them down for good
- restoring the face of the earth?
We await patiently,
but I ask that you please come back soon.
Please find me worthy to enter into your Holy Kingdom.
Please consider all those who truly live desperate to be protected by your loving perfect hands.
Please comfort all the afflicted,
for we are surely suffering!
Please help us Jesus,
for we need you so much.

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