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// PRAYER 387: Help Me To See The Beauty Somewhere Out There* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

my lord and savior
- THANK YOU for all that you have done!
You are perfect and Holy,
and I come to you today asking that you help me to remember that there is goodness and happiness!
These troubled days are full of suffering,
but if I only stop to look outside at your beautiful nature,
I can remember that there is good.
If I only stop to think about the happy little animals who do not know about the evil world, I can mellow out.
I can laugh at the squirrels.
I can listen to the songs of the birds.
I can get some fresh air!
Beyond and more importantly,
if I only stop to think about the Joy of the Lord,
the goodness you have given me - SALVATION!
I can realize that you are still here and still working.
Godly wonders are all around us,
and I choose to rejoice in this today!

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