PRAYER 436: Take Your Hand And Destroy The Enemy

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
I cannot wait for the day when you will separate the goats from the Lambs!
I cannot wait for the day when you will return,
and set things straight in this world!
Please find me worthy,
and grant me the ultimate blessing of entrance into Heaven.
Dear God,
in agreement with every Christian saint praying for your return,
I ask that you please take your Holy hand,
and SMITE the evil!
You have the power, the glory, the majesty,
please give us Old Testament type tangible signs and wonders against the enemy!
Please Jesus,
we are tormented daily by the wicked,
and we want our deliverance,
and we want to see your justice!
Please Jesus, Please Jesus! Please!
Thank you for all you have done.
I choose to have faith that you will fulfill all of your promises. Amen.

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