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// PRAYER 438: When Will You Come Back To Us Jesus?* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Lord Jesus,
I'm so tired of this world,
and the spiritual war that is going on daily.
Please have mercy,
and come back to us!
Are we not ready in 2,000 some years?
I know you are still with us.
I know you are still working and saving,
I have seen it with my own eyes.
But things are getting so dark,
and the time for work is ending.
when will you come back to us?
When will you set all things straight on earth?
When will you separate the Lambs from the goats once and for all?
I need you so much Jesus,
please find me worthy to enter into your Kingdom.
I'm not perfect,
and neither are my ministry attempts.
But I know you,
and you know me,
so I trust in your word that you will never leave nor forsake me.
Destroy every spirit of fear attempting to operate in my life.
In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.

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october 31. [halloween]

hate holiday; horror festival; // [USA: be better than this]

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