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In medical terms, "effective" indicates something is working (to effect) the body system. This is especially true when dealing with pain medication. But how much pain medicine do we really need? Dosing varies and should be based upon many factors that are taken into consideration (such as body weight, overall health, age, underlying symptoms, sensitivities, other medications, etc.). For example, if we are in pain, there are natural substances that will help in the body in it's own healing process, thus alleviating the underlying cause of pain. However, in the event that you feel it's necessary to turn to chemical drugs - such as pain relievers -just how much is enough? Many of us automatically use the "recommended dose" found on the label of over-the-counter medication. For example, a well known acetaminophen (pain-reliever) recommends a standard dose of two 500mg capsules. But do we really need that much?

In our day of chemical overload and the resulting burdens on our body, our livers are in constant hyperdrive. Our bodies have to process (and hopefully eliminate) numerous chemicals from our water, food, and the air we breathe. Ingesting chemical drugs such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. (in other words, synthesized pain relievers) has created an extra burden on our systems. Rather than using a "standard" dose, concerned physicians, lay people, and others are using the "lowest effective" dosing method. What is your lowest effective dose? It is the amount of pain reliever that will ease pain in a given situation for any one individual.

For example, you have a common (tension) headache. Try using one-half tablet or perhaps just one tablet instead of the recommended two. You may find relief with even a quarter of the recommended dose. Some individuals have found relief when using only one-quarter of a regular strength (320mg) tablet of acetaminophen. That's only 80mg vs. the recommended dose of 640mg (regular strength), or the 1,000mg found in the extra-strength dose. If the smaller dose has not taken care of your particular pain in any one given situation (within 20 - 40 minutes), you can still increase the dose, if needed. However, if the smaller dose works for you, as it has for others, what a wonderful thing to reduce the toxic payload that the liver must process within the normal course of our daily lives. Be sure to talk to your doctor before trying this method with any prescription drug. Many drug side effects are decreased when consideration is given to each individual patient.

Remember to pray over your medications. Ask God to use them to help you, while protecting you from any and all harmful ingredients.

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