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// PRAYER 458: A Man's Prayer For The Sanctification Of Women* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Lord Jesus,
please hear my heart at this time.
I am a man.
I am a man who cherishes the thought that one day I may find a woman to love and pledge my heart to.
I want a wife!
I want to learn the joys of being a married man, in Holy matrimony!
Dear Lord,
so many women seem to have turned astray from Godliness.
So many of them seem to think that they should dress and act a certain way in order to please men,
but they should be trying to please God!
I'm tired of the temptation wars I go through.
I'm tired of their disrespect of their own bodies.
I'm tired of the way they fashion themselves as sexual objects,
even those who say they are Christian.
Dear Jesus,
please touch the hearts of more women,
that they might cherish their bodies,
and not want the eyes of sinful men lusting after them.
Touch their hearts,
that they might cherish their bodies,
and not want the enemy to be able to use them in temptation against the Godly man.
Are there any pure women left?
I know they are out there somewhere,
but will I find the one you choose for me?
If you bless me with a wife,
please put it in her heart to save herself for me,
so that all is not lost.

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