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// PRAYER 466: Renouncing Lies Of The Enemy* 6K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
please help me today!
I call unto you,
knowing that you are holy and sacred,
trustworthy and honest.
You are the author of truth,
and you know the lies that our enemy is throwing at me.
Over and over again it tries to make me think things that are contrary to your holy Bible scriptures.
Over and over again it tries to get me to believe things that are not true!
Strengthen me with your power dear Jesus,
for I need supernatural help to stand strong on your rock through the storms.
Empower me Holy Ghost,
as I proclaim outloud so the spiritual realm can hear:

I'm a Christian!
I serve and worship Jesus Christ alone!
I belong to Jesus Christ alone,
and Jesus Christ is my almighty Lord God.
I will win this war,
because Jesus Christ has won this war,
and I belong to Jesus!
I renounce all the lies of the enemy that come at me daily.
I rebuke them in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!

Help me Jesus,
Help me to remember that I'm a Christian,
and I must follow your word.
Help me to remember that if it's contrary to your Holy Word: then it's a lie of the enemy.
I must follow the truth of God,
reguardless of what contrary throughts or emotions (whether from the enemy or my own mind) come to me and try to lead me astray.
Thank you for all you have done (known and unknown).

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