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// PRAYER 470: Jesus, I'm Sorry For My Past Mistakes* 29K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Lord Jesus,
I come to you today asking for forgiveness again.
I know that since I have become a Christian,
you have taken my sins upon yourself.
I try very hard to live in holiness,
but I feel tormented by thoughts and memories of sins from my past.
I watched so much filth movies,
I listened to so much trash music...
I'm so sorry Lord!
Please cleanse out my mind supernaturally,
so that with your help I can let go of some of these memories.
Please consider people who need their eyes opened,
that they might turn away from some of the horrible movies and things they are putting into their brains!

I know now that I was traumatizing myself,
and the enemy was setting up false propaganda training against me.
I trust you Jesus to deliver me from all things,
and truly set me free.
Thank you for all you have done in my life,
known and unknown!
Please do not condemn me for memories,
and thoughts of sins from my past that try to come up again.
Strengthen me to be a good Christian,
and to serve you in truth!
I love and serve you alone Jesus,

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